Excavations in Ancient Amphipolis resumed on Monday

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ANA/MPA---Excavations in the site of ancient Amphipolis resumed on Monday with archaeologists intensifying their efforts to solve the puzzle of the Sphinxes of Ancient Amphipolis.

A large number of tourists visited the area throughout the weekend to observe the archaeological finds. The Amphipolis Museum posted a record high in visitors who wanted to see the exhibits while visitors were also able to observe from a distance the site of the excavations with the aid of special telescopic lens.

Excavations at ancient Amphipolis have intrigued the world with announcements of forthcoming major discoveries, as conveyed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras himself during a visit to the site last week. Work was suspended at the large site with its newly-discovered monumental wall protecting a tomb dated to the fourth century BC, because of the long weekend of Dormition day (August 15).

The entrance of the tomb in question appears to be at a stone-built archway under which two broken Sphinxes have been found. The excavation team is led by archaeologist Katerina Peristeri that was joined by her collaborating architect Michalis Lefadzis, who told ANA-MPA that "the ministry of Culture (the official agency) will provide further briefings on excavation developments."

He added that "news will be coming very soon," and denied rumours that the divulging of information related to "what lies behind the Sphinxes is timed to coincide with the opening of the International Thessaloniki Fair," on September 6.

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