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Examining magistrates request lifting of immunity of non-accused Golden Dawn MPs

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ANA-MPA -- Examining magistrates for Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) case requested on Thursday from the Greek parliament to lift the immunity of the Golden Dawn MPs not pending trial.

The two magistrates, Ioanna Klapa and Maria Dimitrokali, ask the lifting of the deputies' immunity in order to testify on the charges of participating and running a criminal organisation. 

Moreover, they estimated that additional charges should be pressed against the already accused MPs Giorgos Germenis, Ilias Kassidiaris, Stathis Boukouras, Nikos Michos, Yiannis Lagos and Golden Dawn's leader Nikos Mihaloliakos for possession of fire guns and munition with aim to supply the criminal organisation.

Prosecutors' association reacts to GD spokesman's statements


The prosecutors' association on Thursday reacted strongly to statements by Golden Dawn party spokesman Ilias Kassidiaris, who had called them names over their proposal to lift immunity of more Golden Dawn deputies in order to face criminal charges.


The MPs in question are not defendants in the ongoing case examining the criminal liabilities of the party leader and deputies who are already being detained.


Referring to the statements made by Kassidiaris, the association underlined that they constitute “pitiful proof of an unprecedented perception by active MPs on how state institutions operate, justice included,” adding that “the people can reach their own conclusions.”


Soon after he was informed of the moves made by the examining magistrates earlier in the day, Kassidiaris lashed out at the government and the judges who “prey on the judiciary”.


Referring to the PM and vice president, Kassidiaris underlined that “the Venizelos-Samaras junta, after realizing that Golden Dawn will be the winner in European, municipal and regional authority elections, has ordered certain punks who prey on the judiciary to put all of our MPs in jail.”


He said that “these developments will lead to Golden Dawn's sweeping victory in May's (double) elections. The traitors, politicians and members of the judiciary, who are committing high treason against the Greek people, the form of government and the homeland will receive a harsh punishment”.

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<h1>Examining magistrates request lifting of immunity of non-accused Golden Dawn MPs </h1>

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