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ΑΜΝΑ / The Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) garners 30 percent, at least 3.5 percentage points ahead of New Democracy (ND), of respondents' "electoral assessment" of parties, according to a latest opinion poll unveiled on Wednesday.

The poll was conducted by VPRC for the Athens weekly magazine 'Epikaira. SYRIZA was also the first party in a previous poll's "election influence estimate" figure -- rather than the standard voters preferences' measurement.

Based on the findings, five of the seven parties that entered Parliament in the May 6 elections have increased their election percentage, while PASOK's share remains the same and the ultra-right Golden Dawn shows a decrease.

The survey, conducted between May 25-29, showed SYRIZA increasing its percentage share of the vote by 1.5 percent relative to the previous poll conducted by VPRC for a small Athens-area TV station, rising from 28.5 percent to 30 percent (with an error of margin ranging from 27.1 percent to 32.9 percent).

ND is shown rising by 0.5 percent to reach 26.5 percent (with a margin of error between 23.7 percent and 29.3 percent). PASOK remains steady at 12.5 percent while the Independent Greeks party rises to 7 percent, the Democratic Left to 7.5 percent, and the Communist Party from 5 percent to 5.5 percent.

Golden Dawn party is seen slipping by 1 percent, from 5.5 percent to 4.5 percent, while losses were also sustained by the Recreate Greece party, which slipped from 3 percent to 2 percent (between a minimum of 1.1 percent and maximum of 2.9 percent) and does not clear the 3 percent ceiling for entering Parliament.

Meanwhile, yet another opinion poll, this one conducted by the Pulse RC company for the weekly newspaper "Pontiki", shows New Democracy and SYRIZA tied in respondents' preferences, a slight increase for PASOK and confirmation of the trend of smaller parties losing ground.

According to results, ND and SYRIZA each garner 24.5 percent of respondents' preferences, followed by PASOK with 13.5, the Independent Greeks party 7 percent, KKE 5 percent, Golden Dawn 5 percent, the Democratic Left 5 and the Dimiourgia Xana (Recreate Greece) party 2.5, among others.

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  • 10:44   Tsipras, Schulz discuss the new landscape in Europe after Brexit
  • 09:50   ND leader Mitsotakis: 2 pct primary surpluses after 2018
  • 09:38   Piraeus port, Elliniko to be decongested by July 20, Shipping Min Dritsas says
  • 09:19   Light quake jolts Crete
  • 09:12   Athens Newspapers Headlines
  • 23:29   Wildfire at Dervenohoria rages uncontrollable, says fire brigade
  • 22:51   EU leaders will say they regret Britain's decision but will not take any decisions, says Bruegel analyst
  • 22:15   Israeli PM calls PM Tsipras to discuss Isreali-Turkish rapprochement
  • 21:57   EU must respect the decision of British citizens, but not alienate them, says FM
  • 21:16   Greek bond market closing report
  • 20:22   Sustainable development should aim at reducing unemployment, says State minister
  • 20:02   Greek stocks shed 2.89 pct, hit 4-month low in reaction to Brexit vote
  • 19:50   ADEX closing report
  • 19:11   Deputy FM Mardas to visit Israel, Russia, China
  • 18:50   Potami will not support change in electoral law, says party leader Theodorakis
  • 18:00   PM Tsipras’ schedule in Brussels on the sidelines of the EU summit
  • 17:22   ND leader chairs meeting on results of British referendum, Spanish elections
  • 16:44   Brexit could create new conditions for Greek tourism, SETE warns
  • 16:09   Government proposal for election law reforms in final stages, Gerovasili said
  • 15:31   Foreign Ministry on attack against building of French Institute in Thessaloniki
  • 15:06   PM Tsipras holds meeting with ministers ahead of EU Summit
  • 14:36   Weather Forecast: Mostly fair on Tuesday
  • 14:10   We are at the beginning of a difficult battle to change Europe, SYRIZA spokeswoman says
  • 14:02   2,282 mln euro primary surplus in May 2016, FinMin says
  • 14:00   IDE signs 4.1 mln euro contract with Krauss Maffei Wegmann (KMW)
  • 13:49   Motor Oil participates in gas exploration in Tanzania
  • 13:27   BoG: Total credit to domestic private sector down 2 pct in May
  • 13:13   57,046 identified migrants and refugees in Greece on Monday
  • 12:44   Greek candidancy 'Solidarity Salt' qualifies to semifinal of European Social Innovation Competition
  • 11:56   Technical Chamber of Greece holds conference on Greece, Cyprus and Israel cooperation
  • 11:34   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Rise
  • 11:12   Wildfire in Dervenohoria in progress; no inhabited areas in danger
  • 09:51   The Spanish people gave their own answer to populism, ND leader Mitsotakis says
  • 09:46   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 21:34   Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy on Monday
  • 21:06   Major blaze burning pinewood in Boeotia, winds hampering efforts
  • 20:45   Majority of Greeks in favour of proportional representation in elections - poll
  • 19:57   Great and Holy Council declares unity of the Orthodox Church
  • 19:17   SYRIZA's central committee approves proposal on 3-year strategy, electoral system
  • 18:52   LGBTI community concludes four-day ‘Thessaloniki Pride’ festivities with parade
  • 17:53   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 17:32   State minister: ‘Two solutions in Europe –Right and extreme-right, or the Left’
  • 17:21   Brexit vote is the result of a democratic deficit and arrogant behavior in the EU, says gov’t spox
  • 16:34   FinMin Tsakalotos says there’s no Grexit fear after Britain’s vote to leave EU
  • 15:29   Brexit will further hamper efforts to relocate refugees to EU, says migration minister
  • 14:35   Canadair aircraft battling wildfire in Boeotia forced to land
  • 13:51   FM Kotzias to attend emergency EU ministers meeting in Warsaw on Monday
  • 21:39   How Brexit may affect the Greek economy
  • 21:04   Exhibition with Russian artifacts opens at War Museum on June 27
  • 21:00   'Suntan' directed by Argyris Dimitropoulos wins top prize at Edinburgh Film Festival
  • 20:09   ADEX closing report
  • 20:07   ANEL leader Kammenos: ‘Europe cannot be unified by force’
  • 19:52   Germany was hoping for another result on UK referendum, but is prepared, says FinMin spox
  • 19:37   Greece needs 'national line' on Brexit, Potami's Theodorakis says
  • 19:31   Mitsotakis calls for calm and restraint after result of British referendum
  • 19:16   Government now charting opposition positions on election law and constitution, sources say
  • 18:38   Greek stocks plunge 13.42 pct
  • 18:19   Brexit talk dominates in PM's meetings with Potami, Centrists' Union party leaders (ADDS)
  • 18:01   Brexit talk dominates in PM's meetings with Potami, Centrists' Union party leaders
  • 17:08   Brexit vote a 'wake-up call' for Europe, Alt FM Xydakis tells ANA-MPA
  • 16:49   Brexit vote a result of Europe's handling of the 2008 crisis, Greek government sources say
  • 16:02   Brexit will have limited direct impact on Greece, Piraeus Bank chief tells Handelsblatt
  • 15:55   Rain and storms forecast for Saturday
  • 14:48   Brexit may affect last minute reservations, HHF president Retsos estimates
  • 14:30   Greek bond yields up significantly after UK vote
  • 14:26   We urgently need a new vision for United Europe. PM Tsipras stresses
  • 13:50   Europe needs a new agreement of truth, ND leader Mitsotakis says
  • 13:32   ECB ready to inject extra liquidity if needed
  • 12:44   FM Kotzias: British referendum confirms our insistence on a discussion on the EU future
  • 12:33   SYRIZA political secretariat to convene on June 25-26
  • 12:01   PM Tsipras: The answer to isolation and nationalism is the social and democratic Europe
  • 11:32   EU Parliament to hold meeting on Tuesday
  • 11:19   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Plunge on Brexit
  • 09:56   A big adventure begins, ND spokesman Koumoutsakos comments on UK referendum result
  • 09:49   ECB to convene after Britain votes for EU exit
  • 09:33   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 23:04   Negotiations on labour laws will be very tough, says Labour minister
  • 22:52   PM Tsipras: Greece’s deal offers prospects for final exit from the crisis (ADDS)
  • 22:37   PM Tsipras: Greece’s deal offers prospects for final exit from the crisis
  • 21:49   New three-hour work stoppages in train and suburban railway next week
  • 20:34   ND won't discuss changing election law, Mitsotakis says after meeting PM; Tsipras 'not specific' say Gennimata, Koutsoumbas
  • 20:11   Doctors Without Borders' SecGen says EU's refugee policies are in contast to humanitarian values
  • 19:48   ADEX closing report
  • 19:47   Greek bond market closing report
  • 19:45   Greek stocks extend rally for fourth successive session
  • 19:23   New Parliamentary sub-committee to examine technical, political aspects of Greece's debt
  • 18:18   Greek Dep. FM Amanatidis to inaugurate exhibition on Byzantium at St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum
  • 18:14   Alternate FM to participate in EU General Affairs Council on Friday
  • 18:07   DESFA CEO says agreement with Bulgartransgaz to be signed on June 24
  • 18:03   Greece to prepare 500 places for hosting unaccompanied refugee children by July, Mouzalas tells Parliament
  • 17:20   Central bank slashes ELA ceiling for Greek banks, citing return of deposits
  • 17:10   Greece to activate 50 pct of programs funded by EU by end of September
  • 16:53   Putin eyes closer partnership with China - Russian President's exclusive interview with head of Xinhua
  • 16:34   PM continues meetings with opposition on changing election law, constitution (ADDS)
  • 16:27   PM continues meetings with opposition on changing election law, constitution
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  • 11:01   Athens Stock Exchange opening:Consolidation
  • 10:58   Development of international energy cooperation under the microscope of Energy Min Skourletis
  • 10:30   Football match on Saturday to raise money for UNICEF