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ΑΜΝΑ / The Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) garners 30 percent, at least 3.5 percentage points ahead of New Democracy (ND), of respondents' "electoral assessment" of parties, according to a latest opinion poll unveiled on Wednesday.

The poll was conducted by VPRC for the Athens weekly magazine 'Epikaira. SYRIZA was also the first party in a previous poll's "election influence estimate" figure -- rather than the standard voters preferences' measurement.

Based on the findings, five of the seven parties that entered Parliament in the May 6 elections have increased their election percentage, while PASOK's share remains the same and the ultra-right Golden Dawn shows a decrease.

The survey, conducted between May 25-29, showed SYRIZA increasing its percentage share of the vote by 1.5 percent relative to the previous poll conducted by VPRC for a small Athens-area TV station, rising from 28.5 percent to 30 percent (with an error of margin ranging from 27.1 percent to 32.9 percent).

ND is shown rising by 0.5 percent to reach 26.5 percent (with a margin of error between 23.7 percent and 29.3 percent). PASOK remains steady at 12.5 percent while the Independent Greeks party rises to 7 percent, the Democratic Left to 7.5 percent, and the Communist Party from 5 percent to 5.5 percent.

Golden Dawn party is seen slipping by 1 percent, from 5.5 percent to 4.5 percent, while losses were also sustained by the Recreate Greece party, which slipped from 3 percent to 2 percent (between a minimum of 1.1 percent and maximum of 2.9 percent) and does not clear the 3 percent ceiling for entering Parliament.

Meanwhile, yet another opinion poll, this one conducted by the Pulse RC company for the weekly newspaper "Pontiki", shows New Democracy and SYRIZA tied in respondents' preferences, a slight increase for PASOK and confirmation of the trend of smaller parties losing ground.

According to results, ND and SYRIZA each garner 24.5 percent of respondents' preferences, followed by PASOK with 13.5, the Independent Greeks party 7 percent, KKE 5 percent, Golden Dawn 5 percent, the Democratic Left 5 and the Dimiourgia Xana (Recreate Greece) party 2.5, among others.

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  • 23:21   ND leader praises work for Opera House, library at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
  • 23:03   Dublin system doesn't work because frontline member-states have been left alone, says Timmermans
  • 22:39   Commission proposes 6-month extension of border controls within Schengen
  • 22:22   Commissioner Avramopoulos says new asylum system to be 'fairer, more efficient and sustainable'
  • 22:08   Government insists on its favourite 'recipe' for the economy - taxes', says PASOK
  • 21:16   Tribute to prominent Turkish photographer Ara Güler at Benaki Museum
  • 20:29   Removal of half-sunken Greek ferry halted as new company expected to continue after tender
  • 20:16   Israeli innovation policy chief due in Athens on Thursday to discuss cooperation
  • 19:50   Traffic diverted off Athens-Corinth national highway due to accident at Kinetta
  • 19:28   Journalists to join strike action against pension reform bill, POESY decides
  • 19:18   TAP selects JV of Greece’s Terna, Italy’s Renco to build compressor stations
  • 18:48   Prinos oil production up to 4,000 barrels a day, Energean says
  • 18:36   Greek bond market closing report‏
  • 18:34   ADEX closing report
  • 18:11   Greek stocks gain 1.1 pct on Wednesday
  • 17:57   Monday’s Eurogroup to discuss Greek debt sustainability, according to its agenda
  • 17:47   Bailouts kept Greek state and financial system afloat, German finance ministry replies to 'Handelsblatt' report
  • 17:37   There's activity in Greek negotiations, but review not complete, says German finance ministry
  • 17:04   Greenpeace urges Greek lawmakers to take stand against TTIP and CETA agreements
  • 16:27   Greece raises 1.138 bln euros in T-bill auction
  • 15:58   Cyber-attack on Bank of Greece dealt with "promptly", BoG source says
  • 15:30   Internal border controls for 5 EU countries must be extended, Avramopoulos says
  • 14:39   Weather Forecast: Clouds and chance of rain on Thursday
  • 14:30   EU Commission proposes revision of Dublin Regulation
  • 13:36   Hellenic Capital Market Commission signs cooperation agreement with Iran's Securities and Exchange Organization
  • 13:27   Government council chaired by PM Tsipras held on Wednesday
  • 13:14   Parliament Vice President Kourakis rules out the possibility of early elections
  • 13:06   Light quake jolts Karpenisi
  • 12:50   All eyes turned to Euro Working Group teleconference meeting on Wednesday
  • 12:23   53,731 migrants and refugees in Greece on Wednesday
  • 12:17   Greek PMI up in April 2016
  • 12:11   A total of 2,135 refugees and migrants hosted at Piraeus port
  • 11:58   OTE reports 33.9 mln euro net income in H1
  • 11:43   Contingent measures are impossible for typical and substantive reasons, Alternate Defence Min Vitsas says
  • 11:29   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Rise
  • 10:11   Athens Newspapers Headlines
  • 09:53   Eurostat's economic figures constitute a strong weapon in the negotiations, gov't officials say
  • 17:04   European Commission's spring report vindicates the Greek government, says gov't spokeswoman Gerovassili
  • 15:40   Mid-season sales start on Wednesday
  • 15:28   Weather Forecast: Clouds and rain on Wednesday
  • 15:17   54,042 identified migrants and refugees in Greece on Tuesday
  • 15:10   Commissioner Moscovici appears cautiously optimistic over agreement at Eurogroup meeting
  • 14:39   Greece to return to growth in H2 2016, Commission report says
  • 14:16   PM Tsipras to have series of meetings on Wedsnesday
  • 18:14   Greece has still to deal with some insufficiencies at its external borders, says EC spokesperson Andreeva
  • 17:00   Refugees and migrants arrivals on Greek island at low levels
  • 16:42   Mycenaean period tombs in Kiveri
  • 16:19   PM Tsipras: Bad times are behind; we are entering a new era
  • 15:31   54,142 identified migrants and refugees in Greece on Monday
  • 14:18   Turkish military aircraft violated Athens FIR on Friday
  • 14:11   Wishes have value when they are accompanied by actions, says ND leader Mitsotakis
  • 14:07   PM Tsipras to visit frigate Adrias on Easter Sunday
  • 13:17   49 refugees rescued off Samos island on Saturday
  • 13:07   No metro and electric train in Athens on Sunday (Easter)
  • 22:04   No additional package of measures will be asked, according to European officials
  • 21:41   Greece is close to a deal with its lenders, says central banker
  • 21:30   Nine-year-old refugee boy injured by motorcycle in Piraeus port
  • 21:23   ANA-MPA wishes its subscribers a happy Easter holiday
  • 20:38   Government’s policies are 'sinking the economy', says ND spokesman
  • 19:45   Greece needs debt relief and must continue reforms, says U.S. ambassador to Greece
  • 19:41   Turkish planes carried out 29 violations of Greek air space on Thursday
  • 19:25   Greece can legislate for contingency 'mechanism' rather than detailed measures, Moscovici says
  • 19:11   Greek air force aircraft to fly to Israel on Saturday to receive Holy Fire
  • 18:34   Greece’s proposal in talks with lenders will be accepted, review will close, says parliament head
  • 18:33   Special shop opening hours for Easter, followed by interim sales
  • 18:21   ADEX closing report‏
  • 18:18   Greek stocks end flat on Thursday
  • 16:02   Suspected trafficker smuggling migrants to Italy arrested in Patras
  • 15:48   Increased passenger traffic at Piraeus port ahead of Easter break
  • 15:08   Fire breaks out in Moria refugee and migrant hotspot on Lesvos
  • 14:29   Brussels works on an effective mechanism that will not hinder the growth of the Greek economy, says EC spokesperson
  • 14:25   Government council on refugees policy convened on Thursday
  • 14:03   European Commission VP Timmermans praises Greek efforts on refugees’ issue
  • 13:48   Greek economy entering a recessionary phase, SEB report
  • 13:46   HFSF selects Spencer Stuart for review of systemic banks' boards
  • 13:45   Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy on Friday
  • 13:43   EU Commission, ECB, IMF, ESM release joint statement on Greece
  • 13:08   Greek retail sales volume down 6.6 pct in Feb
  • 13:06   Greek PPI down 10.2 pct in March
  • 12:29   Foreign ministry calls on Turkey to protect Christian churches in Istanbul
  • 12:07   Greek economy stabilises without pension and salary cuts, State Min Pappas says
  • 12:02   53,717 refugees and migrants in Greece on Thursday
  • 11:50   EU Commissioner Avramopoulos inaugurates EU Regional Task Force's new building in Catania
  • 11:33   Refugees and migrants flow to northern Aegean islands remain at low levels
  • 11:32   EU Commission president Juncker has phone contact with PM Tsipras
  • 11:20   Contingency measures will be set at a Eurogroup meeting, EU official tells ANA-MPA
  • 11:16   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Marginal decline
  • 10:39   Athens Newspapers Headlines
  • 10:01   Those who seek to promote political party interests from the failure of the negotiation will be disappointed, gov't sources say
  • 22:16   PM Tsipras tweets on Syrian athlete who carried Olympic flame, hand over ceremony
  • 22:02   PM Tsipras to preside over government council meeting on refugee policy
  • 21:59   Moscovici to ANA-MPA: ‘We’re just one step away from a deal’
  • 21:34   'Irresponsible' not to complete Greek program review in next few days, says ECON chair
  • 20:33   Greece hands over Olympic flame to Rio Olympics 2016 organisers
  • 20:21   PM Tsipras welcomes Greek Pulitzer Prize winners, hails solidarity shown to refugees
  • 19:58   Moscovici says Greece and lenders are ‘very close to a deal’
  • 19:40   Chouliarakis has meeting with creditor institutions on Greek side's proposed 'correction mechanism'
  • 19:17   Chouliarakis begins meeting with creditor institutions on Greek 'contingent' proposals
  • 19:08   Greek stocks end significantly lower
  • 19:06   ND reiterates call for Tsipras' resignation, blames him for additional tax burdens
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