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ΑΜΝΑ / The Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) garners 30 percent, at least 3.5 percentage points ahead of New Democracy (ND), of respondents' "electoral assessment" of parties, according to a latest opinion poll unveiled on Wednesday.

The poll was conducted by VPRC for the Athens weekly magazine 'Epikaira. SYRIZA was also the first party in a previous poll's "election influence estimate" figure -- rather than the standard voters preferences' measurement.

Based on the findings, five of the seven parties that entered Parliament in the May 6 elections have increased their election percentage, while PASOK's share remains the same and the ultra-right Golden Dawn shows a decrease.

The survey, conducted between May 25-29, showed SYRIZA increasing its percentage share of the vote by 1.5 percent relative to the previous poll conducted by VPRC for a small Athens-area TV station, rising from 28.5 percent to 30 percent (with an error of margin ranging from 27.1 percent to 32.9 percent).

ND is shown rising by 0.5 percent to reach 26.5 percent (with a margin of error between 23.7 percent and 29.3 percent). PASOK remains steady at 12.5 percent while the Independent Greeks party rises to 7 percent, the Democratic Left to 7.5 percent, and the Communist Party from 5 percent to 5.5 percent.

Golden Dawn party is seen slipping by 1 percent, from 5.5 percent to 4.5 percent, while losses were also sustained by the Recreate Greece party, which slipped from 3 percent to 2 percent (between a minimum of 1.1 percent and maximum of 2.9 percent) and does not clear the 3 percent ceiling for entering Parliament.

Meanwhile, yet another opinion poll, this one conducted by the Pulse RC company for the weekly newspaper "Pontiki", shows New Democracy and SYRIZA tied in respondents' preferences, a slight increase for PASOK and confirmation of the trend of smaller parties losing ground.

According to results, ND and SYRIZA each garner 24.5 percent of respondents' preferences, followed by PASOK with 13.5, the Independent Greeks party 7 percent, KKE 5 percent, Golden Dawn 5 percent, the Democratic Left 5 and the Dimiourgia Xana (Recreate Greece) party 2.5, among others.

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  • 22:41   EU's Verwey notes Greece's progress and problems in handling refugee crisis
  • 22:14   Tsipras calls on progressive European forces to forge alliance (ADDS)
  • 21:52   Tsipras calls on progressive European forces to forge alliance
  • 21:06   Government body says businessman Ivan Savvidis is next in line for a TV licence
  • 20:36   French man to be deported after crashing into police car
  • 20:21   'We are nearing the end of the first review,' FinMin Tsakalotos tells Parliament (ADDS)
  • 20:08   'We are nearing the end of the first review,' FinMin Tsakalotos tells Parliament
  • 19:42   ADEX closing report
  • 19:41   Papoutsanis says turnover up 14.9 pct in H1
  • 19:38   Piraeus Port says earnings up 5.6 pct in H1
  • 19:32   Number of TV licences a national matter but Commission may act to protect plurality, Oettinger says
  • 18:33   Power utility union to hold protest rally on Tuesday
  • 18:32   Greek stocks end sharply lower
  • 18:30   Greek bond market closing report
  • 18:28   DESFA and Romania's Transgaz sign cooperation memorandum
  • 18:06   Utilities under new umbrella fund will not necessarily be sold, says minister
  • 17:26   Kalogritsas withdrawal the 'finishing blow' to TV licence tender process, ND's Koumoutsakos says
  • 17:24   Central bank sets up committee to survey prevention of cyber attacks
  • 17:13   Greece congratulates new board of Parthenon Marbles reunification campaign group
  • 16:53   Civil servants union ADEDY opposes privatisation of key public utilities. supports Tuesday rally
  • 16:47   Parliamentary committees pass omnibus bill for prior actions
  • 16:34   Savvidis' company next in line for TV licence after Kalogritsas withdraws (RECASTS - ADDS)
  • 15:46   Weather forecast: mostly sunny on Tuesday
  • 15:33   PM Alexis Tsipras chairs meeting dominated by current review and prior actions
  • 14:43   Cenergy Holdings to absorb Korinth Pipeworks Holdings and Hellenic Cables Holding
  • 14:41   GSEE trade union group condemns handover of public utilities to new privatisation fund
  • 14:39   Greece's legislation on bad loans is a result of "complex" consultations between institutions and Greek Authorities, EU Commission spox says
  • 13:57   Greece, Cyprus, Israel's meeting on energy issues
  • 13:40   TV licences procedure ro be completed smoothly, gov't spokeswoman Gerovassili says
  • 13:31   Cosmote presents new iPhone in Greek market
  • 13:25   JoinForces initiative gathers steam
  • 13:22   Savvidis is next on the list after Kalogritsas' withdrawal
  • 12:57   Arrivals up 6.1 pct, nights spent in hotels up 3.9 pct in 2015
  • 12:46   European Reliance reports increased H1 results
  • 12:45   Construction sector has still a lot to give to Greek economy
  • 12:42   Kalogritsas withdraws from the TV licence procedure
  • 12:24   Antenna TV pays first installment for licence
  • 12:07   Kalogritsas asks for an extension of deadline to pay first installment
  • 11:57   Debate on prior actions' bill begins in parliament committees
  • 11:15   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Drop
  • 10:04   PM Tsipras chairs informal meeting on government work
  • 10:00   Deadline for first installment of total bid for TV licences on Monday
  • 09:31   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 17:40   FM Kotzias: Occupation troops must leave Cyprus immediately
  • 16:45   Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy on Monday
  • 15:27   We will not allow the manipulation of information, says ND spokesman Koumoutsakos
  • 15:02   The Greek economy has stabilised, says Min. Stathakis
  • 14:50   ND leader Mitsotakis: Gov't must implement immediately the national plan with ND's proposals on migration
  • 13:52   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 17:32   PM Tsipras: Europe must face the refugee crisis collectively
  • 16:37   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 16:22   Weather Forecast: Partly cloudy on Sunday
  • 15:16   PM Tsipras: Refugees issue should be approached with solidarity
  • 14:21   Energy Minister optimistic that lenders will accept arguments over PPC
  • 13:39   FMs of Greece, Cyprus an Egypt hold trilateral meeting in NY
  • 13:21   FM Kotzias meets with his Libyan counterpart; discuss reopening of Greek embassy in Tripoli
  • 13:13   President of Republic: Repatriation of Parthenon Marbles is a fair request
  • 12:07   Icons from Tretyakov Gallery at the Byzantine and Christian Museum
  • 22:02   Transferring a utility to new privatization fund doesn’t mean it will be privatized, says fund head
  • 21:36   Provisions for transition of electricity market to European Target Model included in omnibus bill
  • 19:46   PM Tsipras to present Greek positions on migration crisis at Vienna mini-summit
  • 19:35   Six utilities to be transferred to new privatisation fund
  • 19:10   Economy minister calls for temporary suspension of TTIP negotiations
  • 18:46   Bill on prior actions submitted to parliament; vote next Tuesday
  • 18:44   ADEX closing report
  • 18:42   Greek stocks continue moving higher
  • 18:32   About 1,500 unaccompanied children live in precarious conditions in Greece, say NGOs
  • 18:32   Alt. FM Xydakis receives outgoing Turkish Ambassador Kerim Uras
  • 17:53   FinMin welcomes IMF positions on debt relief, primary surpluses
  • 17:30   Lowering primary surplus target to 2 pct from 3.5 pct is 'feasible', says BoG chief
  • 17:13   IMF's Velculescu sees economic recovery from 2017
  • 16:44   State minister: ‘The TV tender was conducted; money is entering state coffers’
  • 16:40   Two successful bidders in TV licensing tender pay first installment (ADDS, RECASTS)
  • 16:01   EESC President Dassis sees return of collective agreements in Greece, in interview with ANA
  • 15:40   Alpha TV, ND MPs file lawsuits over conduct of TV licence tender process
  • 14:50   Alter Ego pays first installment for TV licence
  • 14:12   Weather Forecast: Mostly fair on Saturday
  • 13:47   Anatolia College offers scholarships to Roma and children refugees
  • 13:46   Greek central gov't cash balance in deficit of 1.9 bln euros in Jan-Aug
  • 13:36   SKAI TV pays first installment for TV licence
  • 13:36   Greeks of Alexandria hand over memorandum to visiting Dep.FM Amanatidis
  • 13:25   Building materials' prices down 1.7 pct in Aug
  • 13:07   Mariculture industry a driving force of the economy
  • 13:06   HEC expands activities globally
  • 12:31   "We will not be absent from any big investment plan," Eurobank CEO says
  • 12:03   Finance Minister Tsakalotos' meeting with IMF's Velculescu completed
  • 11:58   Chipita Group sales up 20 pct in 2016
  • 11:33   The Greeks travel despite the economic crisis, Manessis says
  • 11:27   Greek civil aviation sector growing steadily
  • 11:26   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Rise
  • 11:12   Greece set an agenda on refugee issue that will open at EU Summit on Saturday, say gov't sources
  • 09:43   FM Kotzias meets with FYROM's counterpart Poposki
  • 09:40   Athens Newspapers Headlines
  • 22:36   Air traffic safety electronics personnel announces work stoppages, strikes
  • 22:17   Tsipras to Greek-American community: You should be proud to be Greeks (ADDS, RECASTS)
  • 22:08   President Pavlopoulos opens investors conference in Athens
  • 21:37   FM Kotzias and FYROM’s Poposki discuss CBMs in New York
  • 21:17   BoG report on Attica Bank delivered to parliament
  • 20:52   Tsipras meets Iranian president, Archbishop Demetrios, in New York
  • 19:47   Schools for refugee children will go ahead as planned, says government spox