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ΑΜΝΑ / The Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) garners 30 percent, at least 3.5 percentage points ahead of New Democracy (ND), of respondents' "electoral assessment" of parties, according to a latest opinion poll unveiled on Wednesday.

The poll was conducted by VPRC for the Athens weekly magazine 'Epikaira. SYRIZA was also the first party in a previous poll's "election influence estimate" figure -- rather than the standard voters preferences' measurement.

Based on the findings, five of the seven parties that entered Parliament in the May 6 elections have increased their election percentage, while PASOK's share remains the same and the ultra-right Golden Dawn shows a decrease.

The survey, conducted between May 25-29, showed SYRIZA increasing its percentage share of the vote by 1.5 percent relative to the previous poll conducted by VPRC for a small Athens-area TV station, rising from 28.5 percent to 30 percent (with an error of margin ranging from 27.1 percent to 32.9 percent).

ND is shown rising by 0.5 percent to reach 26.5 percent (with a margin of error between 23.7 percent and 29.3 percent). PASOK remains steady at 12.5 percent while the Independent Greeks party rises to 7 percent, the Democratic Left to 7.5 percent, and the Communist Party from 5 percent to 5.5 percent.

Golden Dawn party is seen slipping by 1 percent, from 5.5 percent to 4.5 percent, while losses were also sustained by the Recreate Greece party, which slipped from 3 percent to 2 percent (between a minimum of 1.1 percent and maximum of 2.9 percent) and does not clear the 3 percent ceiling for entering Parliament.

Meanwhile, yet another opinion poll, this one conducted by the Pulse RC company for the weekly newspaper "Pontiki", shows New Democracy and SYRIZA tied in respondents' preferences, a slight increase for PASOK and confirmation of the trend of smaller parties losing ground.

According to results, ND and SYRIZA each garner 24.5 percent of respondents' preferences, followed by PASOK with 13.5, the Independent Greeks party 7 percent, KKE 5 percent, Golden Dawn 5 percent, the Democratic Left 5 and the Dimiourgia Xana (Recreate Greece) party 2.5, among others.

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  • 11:30   Turmoil in Moria hotspot; migrants burnt asylum service building
  • 10:40   Program review to be concluded on time, says SYRIZA sec
  • 10:01   PM Tsipras to open Euro-Med Summit
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  • 09:13   Fiscal and social welfare issues to dominate Monday's meeting with the institutions
  • 21:04   Weather Forecast: Mostly fair on Monday
  • 20:43   French foreign minister to visit Athens on Tuesday
  • 20:24   Fiscal data at the focus in meeting between government and institutions on Monday
  • 20:17   Retired policeman who shot man in Ambelokipi charged with murder
  • 20:05   Euromed Summit 2016 to be held in Athens on Oct. 24-25
  • 19:54   Opposition accuses Tsipras of lacking crisis exit plan, attempting to gag media
  • 18:30   CMEC president to visit Athens for Monday for signing of PPC deal
  • 18:21   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 18:05   Agreement in principle on legislation for out-of-court settlement of debts for businesses
  • 17:37   Labour minister tells ANA he believes negotiations will end with reversal of labour deregulation
  • 17:03   ND spox: We’re ready to agree on TV regulator as soon as TV law is revoked
  • 15:49   Tsipras: Greece deserves to be included in ECB's quantitative easing program
  • 15:02   Progress in negotiations, main issues of 2nd review dominate first government meeting with institutions
  • 20:39   Weather Forecast: Clouds and rain on Sunday
  • 19:52   Harvest of Greek saffron starts in Kozani
  • 19:39   Earthquakes cause large sinkhole near Ioannina
  • 19:16   And all the debt to give us, unless we address the ills of the country, it will not succeed
  • 18:50   Obama pays tribute to Ecumenical Patriarch on 25th anniversary of his election
  • 18:18   EU-Turkey deal must continue to function, says EU migration commissioner
  • 17:47   Mesolonghi asks to be declared in state of emergency after thunderstorm (RECASTS, ADDS)
  • 17:22   Stathakis: Greece's full inclusion in ECB's QE will be a powerful symbol
  • 16:49   Athens Newspaper Headlines
  • 16:04   Labour minister to ANA: Talks with lenders will not be easy but will improve existing situation
  • 15:31   Fire department receives more than 100 calls after thunderstorm hits Athens
  • 14:58   President says will defend Greek identity of Macedonia 'from forgers of history'
  • 14:06   Retired policeman who killed man in central Athens surrenders to police
  • 21:54   Labour market reforms to top agenda of government's talks with institutions on Sunday
  • 21:40   Civil protection ministry says UNHCR's claims on Syrians' forced returns is unfounded
  • 20:32   Tsakalotos to speak at College of Europe conference
  • 20:19   Greece's young people must take it forward, ND's Mitsotakis tells conference refounding ONNED
  • 20:04   Man shot dead in central Athens; police looking for killer
  • 19:24   New Democracy criticizes Justice minister for handling of top court judge's case
  • 19:20   ADEX closing report
  • 19:01   New bus line linking Anavyssos and Saronida with Athens launched on Friday
  • 18:54   Greek stocks end flat on Friday
  • 18:52   Greek bond market closing report
  • 18:36   Acropolis Museum opens its doors to families with children on October 28 national holiday
  • 18:24   State receives two offers for sale of 24 pct in ADMIE
  • 18:22   Tsipras: 'Greece has permanently left the days of crisis behind it' (RECASTS - ADDS)
  • 18:12   Possible negative decision by Council of State will be bad for democracy, says State minister
  • 17:57   HFSF appoints new non-executive member
  • 17:52   Greek economy shows signs of improvement, KEPE report
  • 17:41   Tsipras: EU solidarity with Greece on refugee crisis 'as yet inadequate'
  • 17:01   Tsipras: 'Greece has permanently left the days of crisis behind it'
  • 16:27   Hollande calls for swift decisions on Greek debt after Tsipras meeting; Merkel declines to go into specifics
  • 15:27   PM Tsipras to inaugurate Euromediterrenean conference on 24 and 25 Oct.
  • 15:23   Tsipras highlights the need for an agreement on debt in meetings with Hollande, Merkel
  • 14:58   Cancer is the result of life choices and environmental conditions, Professor Hochberg tells ANA
  • 14:38   Weather Forecast: Rain on Saturday
  • 14:26   59 migrants return to Turkey in implementation of EU-Turkey Agreement
  • 13:55   34 journalists from EU members in Greece to be briefed on the migration issue
  • 13:32   Huge changes in Titan's atmosphere may make Saturn's satellite habitable, astronomer Athina Koustenis' statements to ANA
  • 13:26   Building materials' prices down 1.7 pct in Sept
  • 13:10   Profile Software at the WMA Summit 2016
  • 13:09   Redefining the CSR vision
  • 13:08   Fairfax has long-term interest in Eurolife
  • 13:05   Greek current account surplus down in Jan-Aug
  • 13:04   Greek gov't, institutions reach agreement on privatization fund, state arrears
  • 12:29   Quality tourist services sacrificed on the altar of high taxation, Tor Hotel Group's CEO Tornivoukas tells ANA
  • 12:18   31st Kosmima fair in Thessaloniki
  • 12:06   Foreign investors show interest on Greek farm sector
  • 11:38   Greece's new campaign in international travel markets
  • 11:36   Athens Stock Exchange opening: Drop
  • 11:33   Police on the trail of drug dealing ring; 29 kilos of cocaine seized
  • 11:29   Greek gov't, institutions begin talks on second review of Greek program
  • 10:41   Greece will not achieve debt relief without new harsh measures, KKE's Koutsoumbas says
  • 10:32   EU Commissioner Avramopoulos to participate in G6 on migration, security, terrorism
  • 09:43   Tsipras to meet Merkel, Hollande, Juncker on Friday in Brussels
  • 09:38   Schulz's statement 'I was surprised' did not refer to Greece's position on debt, its spokesman explains to ANA
  • 09:20   Athens Newspapers Headlines
  • 22:39   Tsipras at EUCO: Greece bears all the burden of the refugee crisis
  • 21:30   Anti-war, pro-refugee groups march in central Athens
  • 21:04   30th Athens Run to gather 20,000 participants on Sunday
  • 20:56   Greek stocks end slightly up
  • 20:53   Property prices in free-fall during the crisis, BoG says
  • 20:50   Greek bond market closing report
  • 20:46   If TV licencing law is found unconstitutional, this will mean a return to the previous status quo, Pappas says
  • 20:37   Turkish fighter jets enter Athens FIR, violate airspace
  • 20:37   Greece's debt to be discussed at ECON committee but this not an EP 'initiative', Schulz says
  • 19:32   Pro-refugee protest march underway in central Athens
  • 19:10   Justice minister says won't comment on TV licneing case to avoid affecting court
  • 18:37   PM Alexis Tsipras meets EP President Martin Schulz for talks focusing on Greece's debt
  • 17:52   Debt relief necessary but not panacea, SEV reports
  • 17:44   ELA borrowing ceiling unchanged for Greek banks
  • 17:21   Greece and institutions to launch negotiations for 2nd programme review on Friday
  • 16:39   Head of Alpha TV Dimitris Kontominas charged with tax evasion, money-laundering
  • 16:02   Turkish coast guard plane flies over Greek islet in Oinousses complex
  • 15:11   KKE: People should turn their back to the political dispute on TV licences and organise their battle
  • 14:13   Weather Forecast: Rain on Friday
  • 13:58   NBG Business Seeds announces cooperation with Census
  • 13:22   Greek industrial turnover index up 0.2 pct in Aug
  • 13:21   Greek general gov't deficit up, public debt down in 2015
  • 13:21   We are experiencing a crisis of Justice, says ND spokesman Koumoutsakos
  • 12:55   Consolidation trend grows in supermarket sector