Stabbing death unleashes fury of reactions against Golden Dawn

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A man arrested over the stabbing of a 34-year-old in Keratsini, Piraeus district, late last night is being led before a Piraeus magistrate on Wednesday, as his admission of being a Golden Dawn follower unleashed condemnations of the party by the government and across the political spectrum.

According to police, the man admitted he belonged ideologically to the Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avghi) extreme-right party, whose main offices on Messoghion Avenue in Athens were searched by order of the prosecutor.

The young man who died, 34, belonged to the left ideologically and his family was well-known in the area, as his father had been a member of the Piraeus Metal Syndicate. He and the arrested man broke into a scuffle in a cafeteria in the area of Amfiali; as he was leaving on his motorcycle, he was attacked by a group of about 15 people in combat fatigues. A car crossed lanes, stopped, and its driver came out and stabbed the young man in the chest.

Before he died, the 34-year-old pointed out to motorcycle unit police (Dias) the man who had stabbed him.

Leftist groups have scheduled a protest rally at Zarden Square in Amfiali at 5:00 pm, while the Movement Against Racism and the Fascist Threat said the incident was a planned attack by Golden Dawn members, naming the young man as "Paul Fyssas, antifascist".

Golden Dawn party condemned the killing unequivocally and explicitly denied its involvement in the incident, saying that "those who are taking advantage of a tragic event to issue political statements, garner votes and divide Greek society are wretched and vile".

"Justice will perform its duty immediately and totally", government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou stated on Wednesday after the stabbing death of 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini by a supporter of extreme-right Chryssi Avghi (Golden Dawn) party and called on all the political powers to "put up a barricade against the vicious circle of tension and violence".

Kedikoglou also noted that "democracy needs stability, prudence and responsibility by all". The government, he said, was "the first government to condemn raw violence coming from Golden Dawn. We were the first to callthem neo-Nazis. Violence will not pass. The strategy of tension will not pass".

Parties reacted strongly on Wednesday over the stabbing, condemning for the most part the violence as coming from the Golden Dawn party.

Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) said that the incident was "the apex of the criminal action of the extreme-right neo-Nazis of Golden Dawn in our country" and called for the exemplary punishment of the perpetrators, "without dangerous compromises".

The main opposition party, which held an emergency meeting on the incident, also asserted that "all destabilisation attempts will fail" and said the question that needed an answer was "who is arming the murderous hand of extreme-rightists". It also called on "all democracy-abiding citizens to attend the antifascist protest rally at Zarden/Nikis Square, P. Tsaldari street in Amfiali, this afternoon (Wednesday).

PASOK, in an announcement on Wednesday, called Chryssi Avghi "a criminal organisation".

The party urged that "issues regarding Greek citizens' lives should be resolved immediately. Chryssi Avghi must be seen as what it truly is: a criminal organisation directed against migrants' and Greek citizens' lives".

Independent Greeks (ANEL) proposed the establishment of "a patriotic democratic front against the black alliance" and warned that "as long as neo-Nazis, with the urgings of politicians and so-called journalists are planning to rise in ruling power like new allies of the coalition of Greece's creditors, they will keep revealing their real role".

Golden Dawn must be "institutionally asphyxiated", Democratic Left (DIMAR) party said in its announcement that called incidents involving Golden Dawn "expected". It also said the incident proved the importance of the party's initiative to bring the antiracist law in Parliament in the previous government, to deal with Golden Dawn among others.

"It was expected that the rhetoric of hate by Golden Dawn and the beatings and thuggery by its officers and members would soon lead to a political assassination climate," it said.

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) called on Greeks, especially young people, to condemn the killing. "Golden Dawn's murderous and criminal activity aims to terrify workers and the youth. It has become emboldened by the multiple support supplied to it by the corrupt capitalist system and the large economic interests that have borne it and nourish it in order to attack those who are struggling and protesting and to attack the labour and popular movement".


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