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21.4 percent of Greek population at risk of poverty

AMNA--A fifth of the Greek population is at risk of poverty, according to data released by the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) on Friday.

The latest survey, based on 2010 income levels, showed that families comprising 21.4 percent of the population earned an income at poverty level, which was defined as 6,591 euros per year for individuals and 13,842 euros for a family with two children under fourteen years of age. An average disposable income for a family in 2010 equaled 21,590.07 euros.

ELSTAT estimated the number of families threatened by poverty at 901,194, or 2,341,400 individuals.amna

The segments of population most at risk of poverty included jobless males (a 48.4 percent risk); single-parent households with at least one child (43.2 percent); non-wage-earners, excepting retirees (30 percent); families with an adult over 65 years of age (29.7 percent); single-parent households headed by a female (25.8 percent); and children aged 0-17 years (23.7 percent). amna

There were 837,300 people in families in which no one was employed or which included someone working for fewer than three months per year (a rise from the previous number of 544,800 people).amna

Of those approaching the poverty level, 20.3 percent of families owned their home and 25.9 percent rented. For owners over 75 years of age, the danger of poverty rose to 27.9 percent.

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