FinMin: The package must be 'locked' as soon as possible".


MNA--A meeting between Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras and the heads of the EC/ECB/IMF troika ended on Sunday evening, after 2.5 hours, while a senior Finance ministry official stated immediately afterwards that "the troika has expected objections on some measures that they do not fully understand and they want us to specialise them".

Asked if "in the case of specialisation there is the possibility of them being rejected by the troika", he replied "yes" and added that, however, "the package must be 'locked' as soon as possible".

In parallel, another senior economic staff official said that in essence the troika does not accept revenues from tax evasion being registered in the package of measures, pointing out that "we must prove first that we can be effective, through a gradual increase in revenues".amna

The meeting at the Finance ministry began at 4 in the afternoon and the Finance ministry's political leadership turned up with files that contained measures exceeding 17 billion euros so that, after objections by the troika, a "net" result of 11.9 billion euros to result for the 2013-2014 period. Asked whether the amount of the troika's objections is 2 billion euros, the senior ministry official declined to comment.amna

The meeting was attended on the Greek side by Finance Minister Stournaras, Alternate Minister Christos Staikouras, Deputy Minister George Mavraganis and other officials.

According to reports, the Greek side also presented the basic cases of the so-called "macroeconomic scenario", that mainly concerns recession and unemployment that are moving out of control and are linked with the debt's viability report.amna

As regards the package of measures there shall be initial indications in the draft plan of the new budget, that will be publicised by this coming Friday, while Stournaras will present the measures at the Eurogroup meeting in Nicosia on September 14.

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  • 22:04   No additional package of measures will be asked, according to European officials
  • 21:41   Greece is close to a deal with its lenders, says central banker
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  • 19:45   Greece needs debt relief and must continue reforms, says U.S. ambassador to Greece
  • 19:41   Turkish planes carried out 29 violations of Greek air space on Thursday
  • 19:25   Greece can legislate for contingency 'mechanism' rather than detailed measures, Moscovici says
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