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Brussels Group talks, PM Tsipras chairing meeting, on Sunday

The Brussels Group is continuing talks on Sunday, EU sources told ANA-MPA, who added that talks were constructive and progress was registered on a list of reforms the government must carry out. Also on Sunday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will chair a meeting of the cabinet council in the Parliament building at 19:00 to discuss these reforms.


ANA-MPA - A new electronic system will track bank deposits as far back as the last 15 years and help fight tax evasion by the wealthy, Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani told Sunday's Avghi newspaper.


Extreme-right Golden Dawn (Chryssi Avgi) deputy Christos Pappas was released from jail on Sunday, as the 18-month limit of pretrial detention has expired.


Opposition Potami leader Stavros Theodorakis on Sunday charged the government of being double-faced, presenting a difference face domestically and another abroad, and said that despite their constant talking and meddlesomeness, the majority party SYRIZA could not put together a list of reforms.


New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras made an overall criticism over the government actions in the past two months addressing the first official meeting of his party's political council on Friday.


Daylight saving time (summer time) will start 03:00 on Sunday 29 March, when clocks will have to be advanced by one hour to show 04:00. Greece will change to winter time on Sunday 25 October 2015.


Twelve people were released early on Sunday after being rounded up by police on suspicion of placing self-made bombs outside the police station in the Dafni district of Athens on Saturday night.

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